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  1. MARCH 2018 - recording the VOICES

  2. Voice casting (in order of appearance)


    Ieva Segliņa

    Gatis Gāga

    Liena Šmukste

    Edgars Samītis

    Jana Čivžele

    Ģirts Krūmiņš

    Baiba Broka

    Guna Zariņa

    Toms Veličko

    Juris Strenga

  3. NOVEMBER 28 - recording last VOICE


    We are meeting again with sound designer Ģirts Bišs (on the right)!


    We just recorded the final voice for Riga's Lilac with fantastic Latvian actor Juris Strenga (in the middle).

    Other voices we already recorded in March 2018. But the final voice was a mystery until today!

  4. JANUARY 11 12 // 2019  - foley recordings in studio Cinéphase


    I am right now in Paris to work on foley recordings together with sound designer Loick Burkardt, foley artist Daniel Gries, sound enginier Matthieu Langlet.

    We are at amazing sound studio Cinéphase.

  5. After two amazing days we have finished all the foley recordings.

    I am going back to Riga. In March I am going to Valence to work with Loick Burkhard on the sound design.

  6. MARCH 1 - APRIL 2  // 2019 - sound design with Loick Burkardt