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  1. "FATIGUE" in development / "CEĻĀ" attīstība

  2. NOVEMBER 2022

    Excited to share the news that my new short film "Fatigue" has received finantial support from National FIlm Centre of Latvia to continue work on development.  For the next months I am going to work on film's storyboard and animatic, do some more animation tests, start working with sound designer and record the voices for the main characters. This is all so exciting and overwhelming!

  3. AUGUST 2022

    At the moment I am working on my animation film's "Fatigue" scriptwriting and visual research. It is very exciting how a small idea grows into a full story with its characters, its mood. I want to be in that car together with them.

    Follow the project here or vs Instagram
  5. The film is produced by Sabine Andersone in studio ATOM ART.

  6. Projects development process is financially supported by the Culture Capital Foundation (KKF) of Latvia and National FIlm Centre of Latvia