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  1. In Riga’s public transport you can call police, if someone smells bad and disturbs your ride. But would you call? 

    Lizete, an amateur interviewer, tries to figure out  - do we have the right to stink. 


    Original title: Rīgas Ceriņi

    Title in French: Lilas de Riga

    Title in English: Riga's Lilac


    Genre: docufiction



    Papy3D Productions (France)

    Atom Art (Latvia)



    Duration: 14 minutes

    Image: color, 16:9

    Sound: with dialogues

    Language: Latvian

    Subtitres: French, English

    Technique: Hand-drawn animation on computer


    Target audience - adults


    Development stage: FINISHED 

    Premiere: summer 2019


    Watch trailer HERE


  2. Producer (France) : Richard Van Den Boom  Papy3D Productions

    Co-producer (Latvia) : Sabīne Andersone  Atom Art


    Supported by: 

    Ciclic, CNC, Procirep, Angoa / Agicoa (France)

    National Film Centre of Latvia, 

    State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) of Latvia