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  1. In 2011 together with my friend and art historian Anna Veilande Kustikova we opened and exhibition at the Office gallery of Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art - Anatomy of Animation.

    The idea of this exhibition was to offer unique opportunity to step into directors shoes and discover new values within animation genre.

    Anna carried the research while I donated my film "My Dad collects Cats” for the anatomical research proposes  and was the artist of the exhibition.


    Artiste et co-auteur de l'exposition Anatomie de l'animation à la galerie du Centre letton pour l'art contemporain. (2011 - LETTONIE)


  2. Visual artist (posters, video) for an Art Academy of Latvia graduates exhibition  Krasa. Linija. Forma. (2010, Latvia)


    Concept visuel pour l'exposition Krasa. Linija. Forma (L'Académie des Beaux-Arts de Lettonie, 2010 - LETTONIE)