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    Riga's Lilac is a tragicomic story about social impact of a bad smell.

    In a style of a documentary film, the story is based on real interviews with people,

    who reveal their overwhelm, caused by a strong smell of someone else.


    Original title: Rīgas Ceriņi


    Duration: 14 minutes

    Image: color, 16:9

    Sound: with dialogues

    Language: Latvian

    Subtitres: French, English

    Technique: Hand-drawn animation on computer

    Target audience - adults


  2. MAY  /  2015  /  FINANCIAL SUPPORT

    Project "Riga's Lilac" receives a financial support fromthe State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) of Latvia to work on script and graphical research. JUNE - JULY - AUGUST - SEPTEMBER



    Project   Riga's Lilac   (Rīgas ceriņi)   travels for 2 months to Valence, France to participate in a creative residence "Projectiles". 6 direcors - 6 individual projects - 8 weeks - from October to November 2015 

    Durring the two months I am going to work on script and storyboard.




    The stay in residence with the project Riga's Lilac  (Rīgas ceriņi)  is supported by State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) of Latvia.

  5. Graphic research

  6. Lunch at Projectiles together with Louise Cailliez, Laurent Moing, Jérémie Moreau et Christel Guibert.  

    Lunch at Projectiles together with Louise Cailliez, Laurent Moing, Jérémie Moreau et Christel Guibert.


    OCTOBER 22  /  2015  / SCRIPT


    The first version of the script is finished. I am starting the work on the translation in French and English.


    For the dialogue translation (English to French) I am working together with animation director Titouan Bordeau - a classmate from La Poudriere.

    For the descriptive text translation in the script  (Latvian to French) I am working with translator and teacher Laura Kampenusa.


    I am thrilled! Project "Riga's Lilac" receives a financial support from the State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) of Latvia to work on stryboard and animatic -  NOVEMBER - DECEMBER - JANUARY - FEBRUARY

  8. Graphic research - Robina

  9. Graphic research

  10. NOVEMBER  20   /  2015  /  PITCH


    Only one week has left in the creative residence Projectilles. Time has passed too quickly. But the project has developed a lot - the first script is done and i have started the work on the graphic research. This Wednesday (25th of November) is going to happen the presentation of all the works, made durring this year's Projectille. All are invited to come and participate. 


    I also have started to prepare "Lilas de Riga" for a 5 min pitch at Carrefour de l'Animation 2015, in Forum des Images, that is going ot take place on 3rd of December in Paris.

  11. DECEMBER 3  /  2015  /  PITCH in Forum des Images


    The Pitch went wery well. Feeling inspired to keep on developing the project. 

    Its possible to see a video of the presentation.

  12. http://www.annecy.org/mifa:en/mifa-pitches/projects-pitched/project-index:proj-20167033


    JUNE 16  /  2016  / Annecy "Animation du Monde" Mifa Pitches


    "Rigas Lilac" has been selected to participate in Annecy "Animation du Monde" Mifa pitches.



    Thursday, June 16th 2016

    11:30 - 13:00

     L'Impérial Palace Ravel A&B 

  13. JUNE / 2016  / VERY EXCITING

    in Mifa Pitches RIGA's Lilac recieves prize - one month residece for development in CICLIC

  14. OCTOBER 21  /  2016


    Keeping on the development process.

    from 9thnov - 9thdec I am going to CICLIC animation residence to work on storyboard. I also received financial support from the State Culture Capital Foundation to play for my travel expenses to go there.

    Last weekend I also had the wonderful chance to participate in the Baltic Pitching Forum held in Vilnius, Lithuania, where my project received the main prize - the opportunity to participate in the European Short Pitch 2017. It gives the opportunity to work in groups to develop the script, have the so needed feedback and in the end present the project in front of future partners, possible buyers. Its very exciting to go trough all theses stages in the project.  


    My grandma (in the picture up) is all the time asking - when will it be ready?

    It has been a year since I started to develop the project and I can't wait to start to record the voices and animate them. Lets set up deadline? December 2017?





    From November 9 till December 9 2016 I am in a creative residence Ciclic in Vendome, France. 

    Here I am working on the storyboard and animatic. I also had the great chance to have a one day consultation with a scriptwriter Christel Gonnard.


    The travel expenses were convered by the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.

  17. JANUARY //  2017 
    Riga's Lilac
    (Rīgas Ceriņi) participates in Europen Short pitch 2017


     In the Baltic Pitching Forum held in Vilnius, Lithuania "Riga's Lilac" received the main prize - the opportunity to participate in the European Short Pitch 2017, that combines a scriptwriting workshop in residency and a coproduction forum.

    From 9 - 15th of January 2017 took place the first part - the scriptwriting workshop in Valleta, Malta. 16 projects with the support of 4 tutors had the chance to discuss their ideas, their scripts, have the necessary feedback and the energy to try new things in their scripts. 

    The 7 days were intense and at times difficult but with brilliant results. 
    For "Riga's Lilac" the best part were the open discussions. We all had read the scripts of other participants and could give an input. Right now I am working on some changes in the script and couldn't be happier.


    Next part will be the Coproduction forum in Poland 23- 26th of March 2017


    More about the Europen Short Pitch you can read here.

  18. While I am working on last changes in the script, inspired by the scriptwriting workshop in Malta, some new amazing characters have found a perfect fit.