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  2. Riga's Lilac (Rīgas Ceriņi) participates in Europen Short pitch 2017


     In the Baltic Pitching Forum held in Vilnius, Lithuania "Riga's Lilac" received the main prize - the opportunity to participate in the European Short Pitch 2017, that combines a scriptwriting workshop in residency and a coproduction forum.

    From 9 - 15th of January 2017 took place the first part - the scriptwriting workshop in Valleta, Malta. 16 projects with the support of 4 tutors had the chance to discuss their ideas, their scripts, have the necessary feedback and the energy to try new things in their scripts. 

    The 7 days were intense and at times difficult but with brilliant results. 
    For "Riga's Lilac" the best part were the open discussions. We all had read the scripts of other participants and could give an input. Right now I am working on some changes in the script and couldn't be happier.


    Next part will be the Coproduction forum in Poland 23- 26th of March 2017


    More about the Europen Short Pitch you can read here.