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  1. The Production in Ciclic / April 11 - October 12 / 2018

  2. You can fallow me on instagram

    You can fallow me on instagram


    April / 2018

    The Production has started!


    I just arrived in Vendome, France. It is a fantastic and very romantic little village!  But most importantly - this is the place where is located an amazing animation residence - Ciclic!


    This is going to be my home for the next six months. Together with my second animator Louise Cailliez we are going to do the whole animation for Riga's Lilac.


    This is my second time I am in this Residence.
    The first time was in October 2016, when I came here for a month to work on "Riga's Lilac" graphic research. About this experience you can read here.

  3. I have settled in and impatiently am waiting for Louise to arrive. 

    She starts the work on the film starting mid May. 

    At the moment I am preparing the shots for her to animate.

  4. ---

    May / 2018

    My second animator - Louise has arrived! ^^

  5. June / 2018


    Animation full speed