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  1. The Production in Ciclic / April 11 - October 12 / 2018

  2. You can fallow me on instagram

    You can fallow me on instagram


    April / 2018

    The Production has started!


    I just arrived in Vendome, France. It is a fantastic and very romantic little village!  But most importantly - this is the place where is located an amazing animation residence - Ciclic!


    This is going to be my home for the next six months. Together with my second animator Louise Cailliez we are going to do the whole animation for Riga's Lilac.


    This is my second time I am in this Residence.
    The first time was in October 2016, when I came here for a month to work on "Riga's Lilac" graphic research. About this experience you can read here.

  3. I have settled in and impatiently am waiting for Louise to arrive. 

    She starts the work on the film starting mid May. 

    At the moment I am preparing the shots for her to animate.

  4. ---

    May / 2018

    My second animator - Louise has arrived! ^^

  5. June / 2018


    My producer Richard Van Den Boom (Papy 3D) visiting Ciclic and Riga's Lilac

  6. June / 2018


    Animation full speed

  7. 2nd August / 2018


    Well - that's a first. Morning coffee with some local news.

    You can read the full article HERE

  8. September 12 / 2018


    We enter the last month in Ciclic!


    We are working very hard - we still have some scenes to animate.

    Today we shot a little making of.


    Meanwhile in Latvia, Kristīna Ratniece has started to fill in the animation with color.

    And Sound Designer Ģirts Bišs has been recording citynoises in Riga.

  9. Life of production

  10. Riga's Lilac in Ciclic's exposition

  11. You can fallow me and the project on instagram

  12. OCTOBER 2 / 2018


    Sarah Van Den Boom visits Ciclic to work with me on French subtitles.


    Although "Riga's Lilac" is a French production with a Latvian co-production, the language of the film is Latvian. That means that a lot of work and attention must be put in translation.

    I had the fantastic chance to work with an amazing French animation director Sarah Van Den Boom. She has a lot of experience dealing with dialogues and their translations. 

    We worked hard and I am happy to say - that Riga's Lilac has its French subtitles.



    I can't believe, that almost six months has passed since we arrived in Ciclic.

    It has been a wonderful time. At times difficult, of course - but worth every its second.  


    But we haven't stoped working!

    Louise is animating the last scene while I am cleaning some of the animation and continuing to add color to the image. 



    We finished animation!!!


    It is the last day for Riga's Lilac in Ciclic.


    It has been exactly 6 months since we are here and I can not express how lucky I have been, having this great opportunity to work here, to have an amazing animator Louise Cailliez with me, to be so well accepted in Vendome (This is a place you must visit). I will miss it so very much. 


    Now we have to drink champagne. 

    Louise continues to work on her next animation project and I am catching train to Valence, where I will meet Izu Troin to discuss, how we will work on compositing and Loic Burkhardt - to plan the work on Sound design. 



    Filmmakers never sleep 😴 today i am working with Izù Troin to try out some effects we will use in compositing for Riga’s Lilac



    Loic Burkhardt - Sound design

    Izu TRoin - compositing



    I am so happy! After 6 month of animation in Ciclic together wit Louise Cailliez and now a full month in Riga with help of two assistants Kristīne Zvirbule and Jānis Upītis - it is finally finished!! 

    I am very happy for the result!

    Next two days I am spending checking out all the scenes, correcting little errors, if any and sending all files to Izu Troin, who is starting to work on compositing on 3rd of December.



    First finished scenes are ariving!

    I am very excited!


    It is not easy thou - Izu is working from France while I am in Riga.

    But as this is our 4th film project together, we know each other very well and that helps a lot! :)


    Izu is adding to the image camera movements, adding some light effects and focus.

  19. DECEMBER 6 - always working


    Me with my husband Mārtiņš Upītis  are at a great film festival Animateka in Ljubljana, Slovenia, representing my last film Night Walks

    During the evenings we go to the events and screenings but during the mornings we are in hotel's lobby keep on working! 


    More shots ready to put on timeline!

    Next week EDITING! ^^